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Title: WRE tekme v letu 2009
Post by: Rakun on 26. 11. 2008, 07:13:17

Najbližja je v nam že znanem Veszpremu, ampak na žalost takrat, ko naj bi bila naša dirka v SG. Zgleda da jo bomo morali premaknit na teden prej.
Title: Re: WRE tekme v letu 2009
Post by: Rakun on 17. 12. 2008, 12:02:19
Glede gornje tekme še mail od Anne Fuzzy:

Hi Eneja!
We invite you and all slovenien bikers to our competition in next April.
The terrains around Veszprem is our favorite site for mtb-o: mosaik of dry-forest and open grasslands with many pathes. Riding off-road is allowed, and also possible, which makes navigation and route choice more interesting. The weather in April is nice and usually quite warm, but even in wet conditions the terrain is suitable for biking.
Many bikers are expected to come to this event: it will be world ranking event, hungarian championship slovakien cup and perhaps czech cup, too.
To ensure good atmosphere between the races, organizers booked the largest student pub of the town exclusively for MTBO participants for Saturday evening : )
The web site of the event with the basic informations:

See you in April!

Title: Re: WRE tekme v letu 2009
Post by: N@utilus on 01. 01. 2009, 16:15:07
Srecna Nova 2009.  :smt006

Da li se zna datum odrzavanja MTB-O trke u Slovenj Gradecu iduce godine ?